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The 2018 WRSA Cottondale Conference, Exhibition and Gala

The 2018 WRSA Cottondale Conference, Exhibition and Gala dinner was held from 23 – 25 March 2018 at The Protea Ranch Resort and was again a huge success. Chemvet was also part of the exhibition and was well presented. It is always a pleasure to meet and socialize with our customers on a personal basis. After all these years, you are no longer loyal customers, but true friends.

Congratulations to all the award winners:

  • Johan Bouwer for winning the Biodiversity and Social Responsibility Award
  • Hannes du Preez for winning the Green Economy award
  • Martin Schoeman for winning the Game Breeder Award

And a huge congratulations to Warrick Barnard from Woody Cape Wildlife for winning Game Rancher of the Year award.

WRSA is the national representative body of the wildlife ranching industry.

It promotes, serves and protects the interests of wildlife farmers and enhances the economic viability and growth of the industry by:

1. influencing, shaping and guiding national and provincial regulations and policies relating to wildlife ranching, in partnership with government;
2. creating awareness of the benefits of wildlife ranching in South Africa;
3. undertaking, directing and influencing applied research in wildlife ranching that will assist decision – making processes and best practice approaches of its members;
4. encouraging and facilitating appropriate biosecurity protocol measures to protect against the threat of diseases;
5. facilitating and promoting broader participation and transformation within the industry;
6. building a community of industry membership through its chambers, study groups, magazine, newsletters, website, seminars and social events;
7. developing and embracing the reputation of the industry, locally and globally; and
8. providing the appropriate leadership infrastructure, capacity and capability to achieve all of the above.

Former and new clients visiting the Chemvet stall

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